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@F*ckFest - The Brick, Williamsburg
Short Film
NYC Workshop Production

For more information about The Choking Game, including how to receive an investment packet and script for the stage play and/or feature film, please contact us at the form here.


90 minutes. Real time.


The Choking Game is a psycho-sexual two-hander about 18 year old High School sweethearts, Natalie and Matt.  Nestled in the safety of suburban Long Island, these brilliant and vicious teenagers wage a violent and emotionally-crippling war on one other against the backdrop of their live amateur internet pornography show


Called a “haunting multi-media mind fuck”, the show features a live webcam that projects the footage from the laptop onto a screen over the stage so the live audience always sees what the webcam sees.  The play is very powerful and elicits gasps of shock every time it is performed.  The Choking Game has had grown men weeping and has been called “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? for the YouTube generation”. 

Originally workshopped under IRT's 3B Residency Program (NYC), the play premiered as part of The Brick's inaugural "F*ckFest" in June, 2015. 


Written by Kaitlin Colombo.

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