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Kaitlin’s favorite Live Performer is and always has been Bette Midler.  “My Dad woke me up when she was on the last show of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.  I was about 4 and I’ll never forget being mesmerized by The Divine Miss M. Dad whispered to me, ‘You will always remember this moment.’  And he’s right.  20 years later and the woman has had an indelible effect on me - my sense of humor, my stage persona and my love of massive amounts of cleavage.”


Therefore, her one-woman extravaganza GLITORIS is her "Clams on the Half Shell."  A full-scale, singing-dancing (NSFW) extravaganza, Kaitlin gets to mash together all of her favorite things in the world: 


  • 1930s Burlesque

  • Quick Costume Changes

  • Fosse-style Choreography

  • Cute Jazz Musicians

  • Dick Jokes

  • Hair Extensions

  • 90s era Grunge Rock

  • And Drinking Onstage


Where else could you see Alanis Morrisette's "You Oughta Know" mashed up with "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend"? Hint: No where but in Kaitlin Colombo's GLITORIS. 


GLITORIS (then called "With All Due Disrespect") debuted at NYC’s premiere Gay cabaret/nightclub XL in the summer of 2011. Kaitlin still hold the distinct and unique honor of being the first Entertainer born with a vagina to grace their state-of-the art cabaret stage.  


Revamped and rearing to go, check back here for more news about GLITORIS



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