A Theranos




Extravaganza! ** 

** Attendance is Mandatory

Set during the afternoon of October 19th, 2015 - three days after the publication of the Wall Street Journal article that would eventually torpedo her career - embattled bio-tech C.E.O. Elizabeth Holmes calls her Staff in for a mandatory presentation. There, a defiant Elizabeth rallies the troops, prepping them for “the fight of our lives”, and reminding them of what a galvanizing, electric force she truly is. Through the use of a little song and dance (as well as some awkward attempts at humor), she unveils her latest creation - “the new-and-improved, medical miracle marvel... the Theranos MiniLab”.


Yes, Elizabeth Holmes is going to prove her detractors wrong. By any means necessary. 


A totally immersive theatrical extravaganza, “Nanotainment" examines the contemporary cross-section between white collar crime, a decaying healthcare system, Silicon Valley’s toxic “fake it ’til you make it” bro culture, and an “unlikable" woman’s place in this new era of #MeToo feminism.


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